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I urge you to take advantage of my broad professional background in industries which have enhanced my understanding of real property and my ability to communicate that knowledge clearly to my clients. Few REALTORS® have the specialized knowledge of houses that comes from working in professional architectural firms and being a former design & build general contractor. Fewer still can combine that with professional marketing experience for major national firms.

Buyer’s Advantage
Your confidence in the major purchase you are making in a home will increase dramatically the more factual information you have about the building itself – beyond its proximity to schools and shopping and whether or not it has granite countertops.

Seller’s Advantage
Few agents have worked professionally in marketing. I have demonstrated the communication and promotional skills, as well as the negotiation strategies necessary to work with Fortune 500 clients.

The A-Team Advantage
You need a team. I’m not talking about a real estate team, where you are being “handled” by interchangeable Realtors, assistants and transaction coordinators. I’m it. You are my responsibility, period! What I mean is that every transaction is done in conjunction with multiple real estate professionals, all of whom are critical to your goals. It is unlikely that you are familiar with the players or know how each can impact your success.

My core group of resourceful lenders, exceptional title officers, ultra-competent inspectors, and appraisers have, over the years, proven their commitment to the highest professional standards and unswerving dedication to you, the client. The choice is always yours and together we will assemble your personal A-Team with the best possible partners for your needs. I will always strive to assure that everyone on your team is providing you with the most professional service possible. That’s the A-Team Advantage

Arizona’s Crazy County Islands

Arizona’s Crazy County Islands

For many years, Phoenix and its satellites have been among the fastest-growing cities in the country. When the various city limits approached a landowner’s doorstep, Arizona law allowed certain areas to be excluded from the expansion.

How to Pronounce Germann Road

How to Pronounce Germann Road

Newcomers (and not-so-newcomers) to the Valley are continually perplexed by the apparent disconnect between the spelling of the street sign they’re looking at and how it is pronounced by newscasters. Where is “Jermain Road” anyway?

“Les navigated us through a sea of forms, faxes, emails and phone calls.”
“Les took over from there and handled everything. There was a ton of paperwork but he helped with every bit of it.”
“He helped us understand how to best present our case.”
“Les even met me at my work a couple times and he dealt with the lender for me.”

At Your Service

In-State or Out-of-State
I have been a licensed realtor in Arizona for over ten years. I’m also licensed in Minnesota which makes me sensitive to out-of-state clients who come to Arizona with different preconceptions about how real estate transactions work. I take the time to explain to them, and all my clients, how the process in Arizona functions and what their protections and liabilities are so they can make better, more informed, decisions.

I Know Houses
My extensive background in housing goes back over 20 years and includes experience working in architecture and design-and-build contracting. I was certified as a home inspector in Arizona at the same time I acquired my real estate license. I don’t perform inspections but my professional evaluation and advice can provide you with a distinct advantage in presenting or purchasing a property.

Marketing 101
Before obtaining my real estate license, I worked professionally in marketing and communications. My projects included work with major corporate clients including 3M, Medtronic, Ecolab and others, and now you can put that experience to work for you. I’ve learned that what makes the big guys successful is strict adherence to marketing fundamentals — with a liberal dash of creativity. If you’d like to see what skill, discipline and imagination can do for the sale of your property — let’s talk!


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